Our History


Fifty years ago, on the outskirts of Parma, Claudio Guareschi 's dream became reality...

A great, overwhelming passion, which from the very beginning has bound the destiny of the Guareschi family to that of the dealership, which has always remained faithful, even in the most difficult times, to the Moto Guzzi coat of arms; capable of creating motorbikes that leave a living imprint in the hearts of all those who ride them.

The brilliant inventiveness of the founder, combined later with the masterful work of his sons, Vittoriano and Gianfrancohas made Guareschi Moto recognised and appreciated both in Italy and in Europe.

In addition to the sale of production models and the workshop, the historic dealership in Parma boasts extensive experience in the field of restoration and an innate aptitude for the world of racing.

Guareschi Moto is thus a candidate to enter definitively into the history of Moto Guzzi, after having achieved success in national championships and in important international competitions, guided by the intent to bring the historic brand back to its former glory.

Passion, experience and tradition have been the ingredients that have ensured its success over the years.

The visceral love for Moto Guzzi has given rise to a unique passion in a unique land.

For 50 years with you in the saddle of our beloved Moto-Guzzi.
Written by Bianca Lombardi