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The opinion of our customers

Many are the expressions of affection and esteem from our customers. In this section we would like to thank all those who wanted to show even through writing the respect and regard that binds them to us.

reviews guareschi moto

Marco Duties


Good evening,
I think there's been a mistake... You haven't given me back my bike... it's another one... it's obvious 🙂
Anyway, I'm telling you that I'm keeping this one, I'm already fond of the new Stelvio!

Joking aside, I wanted to thank you all for the patience, professionalism, competence, courtesy and kindness shown to me. And thanks also for the taxi service on two wheels, indeed I'm sorry to have made you lose time.... Read more

reviews guareschi moto

Mike Stuart


Last Saturday when I went into your dealership to check out the bike, I was struck by the beauty of your shop, which I knew well.

In reality there are more modern or more elegant ones, although yours is very well defended, but in no other dealership is there such a passion for motorcycles, Moto Guzzi, and for this reason you come willingly and with confidence. Read more

reviews guareschi moto

Giuseppe Pumelli

It is with great pleasure that I accepted Claudio's request to write a little page on the history of his work, since I was almost the same age as one of his first customers, when in 1953, as was the custom then, he started to attend the Moto Guzzi dealership workshop in Borgo della Posta.

It was a frequency that satisfied his desire to learn about motorcycles, without any remuneration, except for a few small tips for inflating the tires of my bike. For the rest, his passion and desire to learn made him spend all his free hours helping the mechanics of the time. Read more

reviews guareschi moto

Roberto Barba

I've been a Guzzista for as long as I can remember, as I had a Stornello 125 Scrambler when I was sixteen.

In 1991, when I came to live in Parma, I became a customer of the Guareschi dealership and, after a period of motorcycle standstill, since 2007 I bought four motorcycles from them.

In the Guareschi family I have always found, besides an exquisite kindness, a great passion for the brand of the Eagle.

I can testify that they make sure they do their job in the best possible way and have, as an imperative, that the customer leaves the store satisfied. Read more